Examining SliTaz GNU/Linux

When it was suggested to me that I review SliTaz GNU/Linux, my first reaction was less than enthusiastic: SliTaz, the one with the spider icon? I wasn’t sure if I was in for a creepy horror film experience or something cooked up by a developer who had read too many Marvel comic books. I decided to take a look at the project’s website and see what it had to offer and I was pleasantly surprised. Not just by the project’s claim to fit a modern desktop into a 30 MB image, though that in itself is impressive; not just the professional, friendly look, which is delightfully easy to navigate; not just by the wide variety of supported languages, there are six; but by the clear communication presented there. There is no fluff or cryptic messages on SliTaz’s website. It’s all clean, direct information which explains what the project is about on a level that both hardcore Linux veterans and newcomers will understand.

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